Estates and Vacant Property Security

When it comes down to your home and your safety, you need to consider protection from Guard Dog Security.  Your home is your safe haven and feeling unprotected where you and your family live is a feeling no parent should have.

A vacant property can hold its own host of issues. When a lot is empty over an extended period, it raises problems like squatters moving in. Once inside your property, their rights often outway yours. When you finally have control back of your property, the damage can be endless. If you have guard dog security in place you can rest assured that your property is protected. 

It’s time to consider Guard Dog security for your home and here’s why:

  • We can be on the site within 24 hours from your first initial enquiry.
  • Taking action now can prevent a myriad of negative consequences.
  • Our highly trained guard dogs will intimidate any potential intruder. 
  • The real threat of physical harm from a guard dog is a strong deterrent to any potential perpetrator. 
  • Many of our security guards have military experience and are all SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed. 

Whatever the time, whatever the situation, get in contact and be protected. 

In times of crisis, let us take the lead; protect you and your family with a simple phone call. Call us on 020 8637 1406.


    Guard Dog Security’s time-tested services ensure your property is fully safeguarded against any perpetrators. Our teams of uniformed security officers and powerful dogs are a visible and convincing reminder to any potential intruder that the properties are professionally and forcefully protected. Furthermore, we customise security solutions to the requirements of each customer and the specific vulnerabilities of each site. You receive full protection against all the potential disruptive and costly actions, including theft, vandalism, fly-tipping, squatting, and occupation by travellers.