Manufacturing and warehousing

Manufacturing premises are often a favourite target for thieves. Over one quarter of all manufacturing properties are robbed each year. Now is the time to improve your warehouse security, before it is too late.

CCTV is simply not enough anymore to act as effective warehouse security. It is great for watching the thieves rob you, not for stopping it in the first place.

How can we help?

  • With Guard Dog Security you have your own personal security team. 
  • Our highly trained handlers and guard dogs are an unmatched deterrent for criminals. 
  • Take the correct and appropriate precautions and you can help prevent the stress, financial strain theft and criminal destruction causes. 
  • We can be at your place of business and set up in 24 hours. 

Have the comfort of knowing that your business assets are protected. We can give you that assurance. When you need us, we will be there. 

Choose us to improve your warehouse security. Don’t leave yourself open to crime. Call us today at 020 8637 1406 and be protected right now.

*Number of crimes per 1,000 manufacturing premises in England and Wales 2017,, May 2018


    Dog patrols are a proven, cost effective solution used for decades by prudent companies to enhance the physical security of their premises and manufacturing facilities. Guard Dog Security’s highly trained dog and handler units have vast experience in detecting vulnerabilities, deterring and stopping perpetrators. Importantly for our clients, they provide greater prevention capabilities and cost effectiveness than standard security officers.

    Please contact us on 02086371406 or for more information on how you can bolster the security of your premises and business.