The 7 Best Guard Dogs to Protect Your Home and Family


There are so many reasons you might want a guard dog, you could have had a break in and be keen to add some extra security to your home, you may want one for personal protection or just to know when someone is at the door or in the garden. Guard dogs have developed a bit of a bad reputation but in fact the characteristics that make them great guard dogs also make them great pets. The 10 breeds below are some of the best when it comes to protection.


#1 German Shepherd (Alsacian)

The traits that make a German Shepherd the perfect guard dog are the same traits that make it so popular for police dog work. They are extremely loyal and will protect your home from intruders whilst simultaneously forming a strong bond with you and your family. Coming from the old Alsacian Wolf Dogs, these dogs have been used to protect homes and families for centuries.

German Shepherds have been trained by the army and police for almost 100 years, they are one of the most intuitive guard dogs compared to all breeds out there.

GSD’s understand their role in the family and will very quickly adapt to your lifestyle. For example, if you have lots of visitors and helpers coming in and out on your property they can understand who is friendly and who is not allowed in. They love to be trained and are very obedient.

#2 Belgian Shepherd (Malinois)

Belgian Shepherds were foremost sport dogs as they are extremely fast and hyperactive. Performing incredibly complicated protection and obedience acts in the Sport Arena soon they become the go to choice for the army, American police and private K9 Security.

The Mali is a super dog that needs lots of specialised training and so it is well suited to young people, or thoe who have lots of time and energy. Whereas German Shepherds are intuitive and can adapt to your lifestyle, with Belgian Shepherd’s it is the other way round. You need to be prepared to adapt your lifestyle to its sporty needs. Be warned that Belgian Shepherds can have a tendency to shred everything in your home throughout the first 6-8 months of their life.

#3. Rottweiler 

Rottweilers are gentle around their owners but fierce when it comes to strangers, a trait that makes them the perfect guard dog. Originally bred in Germany to protect travellers on the road, these dogs make great companions. To best train a Rottweiler make sure they are taken to dog classes and are regularly socialised with other dogs and humans. They will adapt well to your life and are satisfied with a daily walk in the park.

#4. Doberman

Dobermans are sleek, agile, strong and fast, making them the perfect guard dog for your home. They do, however, need a lot of exercise so be prepared for long walks if you opt for a Doberman. Originally bred in Germany by a tax collector named Her Doberman, the dog was initially used to protect its owner on the dangerous task of tax collection.

In my experience the Dobermans respond better to a single owner than to a family. They want to obey one person and show their loyalty to this person only. They may not be tolerant of disobedience from children, so they are not an ideal baby sitter.

#5. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs are large muscular dogs. They are best kept in gardens that are fenced in to avoid altercations with other animals or people. Some bullmastiffs can be aggressive, it is best to socialize and train them well from puppies to avoid accidents.

They adapt well to family life and can be gentle with children. Make sure you have visible signs all around your fence to let people know a bullmastiff guards your property, as this will act as a great deterrent.

#6 Caucasian Shepherd Dog

It’s not a dog for everyone. These are huge shepherd’s dogs used to protect sheep in Russia against wolves and bears. They are good for large properties with animals like horse stables and farms.

Choosing a Caucasian shepherd dog as a guard dog is a tough decision, they can be good with family but are very hard to control.

#7  Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffies were originally bred for dog fighting, bull baiting and vermin control, a fact that has given them quite the reputation. But now they have been used as pets for more than 100 years they have become extremely affectionate and loving, and their small muscular stature makes them ideal if you are looking for a guard dog that comes in a smaller package. You only need to train your Staffy to bark at the door and you will have a perfect intruders deterrent.

Staffies are adapted for city and family life next to the Labrador and Golden Retriever, staffies can compete for the babysitter of the year reward.

Having a dog is a big responsibility. Whatever breed you choose you need to understand a dog is more than a guardian or an alarm system. It is a companion as well and it has needs. It needs to be fed and cleaned and loved and trained and spend time with.

People who don’t have time for this, better opt for an electronic alarm system.

If you live in the UK make sure you understand the Guard Dog Act 1975. This piece of legislation regulates the use of the dog as a guard dog. Is good to know it before your dog bites someone and gets you in trouble with the law.