A brave new world


A brave new world?

It is no secret that we are experiencing unprecedented times. The economy has all but stopped and when it restarts governments expect a protracted recession. And with it a cascade of challenges, security risks and changes.

“It may well precipitate rapid social and economic transformation similar to that which followed two world wars. Years from now, when historians look back at the events of 2020, they are likely to identify Covid-19 as the trigger for profound change,” says Simon Henderson, headmaster of Eton College, the UK’s most elite private school.

One consequence we’re starting to experience already is a large increase in unemployment. More than 6.5 million jobs could be lost due to the economic fallout from the UK’s coronavirus lockdown, according to the Institute for Social and Economic Research. Their study identifies the following sectors as most affected:

  • 75% (around 1.3 million) of jobs in accommodation and food services will be lost
  • 47.6% in wholesale, retail and repair of motor vehicles
  • 44% (around 700,000) in transport and storage
  • 26.5% in administrative and support services
  • 50% in “other services” 

Unemployment and crime

In a high unemployment world, crime rates increase and the security of people, business and property security is at risk.  Recent reports by the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) notes construction plant theft soaring by an estimated 50% since the start of the lockdown.

It is estimated that a 1% increase in unemployment can increase the rate of violent crimes by 14.3%.

Guard & Dog Units for high level security

Prevention, protection, preservation

For over 15 years Guard Dog Security’s mission has been to protect people, assets and business. Our duty is to identify security risks and threats, to inform and prepare our clients accordingly. During challenging times like now, adequate protection is even more important. There are various measures every business (and household) can take to safeguard valuable property. A good starting point will include the following:

  1. Threat Assessment

Start with running a thorough vulnerability check. Determine where your business/property is vulnerable, lacking in protection? What areas of your premises are most likely to be breached by potential perpetrators? How/where could someone get in?

  1. Safeguard your stocks

Construction sites, renewable farms, factories, warehouses, universities and government organizations, etc. hold valuable stock.

Check your alarms and CCTV cameras daily and consider adding extras for the areas holding your most valuable goods/assets. If you have a security guard, increase the number/frequency of stock areas checks they carry out.

  1. Prevention is better than cure

Perpetrators seek the most vulnerable targets. The least protected, the better. If your property is clearly and visibly protected, they will likely look elsewhere. Display visible signs that your site is protected by guards, cameras, etc. It is safer and cheaper to prevent property crime than to fix the damage. Make robust prevention your #1 security priority.

Organised criminals expect cameras and alarm systems. They are known to observe potential targets and look for weaknesses. They plan to disable alarms and surveillance equipment, circumvent security booths and guards in order to breach the premises. The more obstacles you can put in their way, the more difficult it gets for them, the least interested they are.

An additional, strong line of security can be guard dogs. Their presence is generally sufficient to deter potential thieves. Nobody wants to come against a German Shephard when trying to break into a property. We’ve been providing Guard Dog Security since 2004 and our reputable clients vouch for the effectiveness of a dog & guard patrol.

Keep safe and prosper,

The team @GuardDogSecurity