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Why Does London Prefer Security Dogs To Other Methods?
The string of burglaries has steadily been increasing in London, striking fear into the hearts of the people. One area that was being heavily effected was the Wimbledon area, an affluent suburb of London. Wimbledon has suffered a staggering 228 break-ins in just 24 months, a 17% increase in 2019 from 2018. Sources claim that […]
What Would You Do If Your Business Was Burgled or Robbed?
Once you have had your business burgled you will want to make sure that it never happens again. It can be a frightening and dangerous experience for staff if it happens during the day and whenever it occurs, there will be a financial loss and probably damage. Wherever in the world you are based, it […]
3 Top Ways To Secure Your Construction Site
A typical day on a construction site tends to be a busy one. But, at night time when the on-site workers have all gone home, valuable equipment, tools and raw materials are left unattended - making you an easy and ideal target for thieves.
What should I consider when securing my premises?
When it comes to security, the best methods are often the tried and trusted ones which have stood the test of time. It is not all about the latest gadgets. That is certainly true of security at commercial premises and our golden rule when planning protection is ‘don’t underestimate the criminals’ – don’t just assume […]