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How Can Guard Dog Security Help Your Industry?
Guard dogs are known for their protection services, they have heightened senses in comparison to humans and they are able to detect intruders or criminal activity earlier than human guards alone. On top of this they also offer an excellent deterrent, prevention is better than cure and so guard dogs offer a great way to […]
Vacant Property Security Solutions
For property owners across the UK empty property security can be a major concern. As office staff continue to work from home and some factories are shut due to government enforced lockdown the number of homes, offices or factories remaining empty is likely to increase. An empty property can be exposed to fly tipping, vandalism […]
Security Dogs: The Sound Decision in Protection
We live in the age of technological advancement, and it feels like we can do anything at just the click of a button or a scan of our face. Life has seemingly become easier and everyday jobs are done in new, more convenient ways, but with all this progression, are we, in fact, missing what […]
Cars and houses have been vandalised in London
Cars and houses have been vandalised in London like never before. We can help by keeping your neighbourhood safe for you.Call now 07877685922 for a Free K9 Street Patrol Assessment