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Security Dogs: The Sound Decision in Protection
We live in the age of technological advancement, and it feels like we can do anything at just the click of a button or a scan of our face. Life has seemingly become easier and everyday jobs are done in new, more convenient ways, but with all this progression, are we, in fact, missing what […]
Cars and houses have been vandalised in London
Cars and houses have been vandalised in London like never before. We can help by keeping your neighbourhood safe for you.Call now 07877685922 for a Free K9 Street Patrol Assessment
Vandalism and robberies are on the rise in London
Robberies and vandalism have increased in London. We are called to protect the streets and neighbourhoods in West and East London. If you feel your street or premises are no longer safe call us. We do what we can to help. T: 07877685922Our Mission is To Protect #london #security #safety #protection #emergency #k9security #k9StreetPatrol #neighbourhood
Vandalism at Irvine Youth Football Club: How to Stop Vandalism with Guard Dogs
Just days ago, a youth football club, Irvine Vics 2004s, was left devasted after an act of vandalism causing a trail of destruction to their facilities in Burnside Park. It was reported in Irvine Times that on the 13th of September, the container’ s windows and doors were smashed by vandals who used a branch […]