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How To Improve Hotel Security
Hotel security is extremely important for the safety of guests. Despite usually having strong policies and protective mechanisms in place, hotels are susceptible to fraud, break-ins, theft and cyber attacks. Here are some practical ways to increase hotel security. Ways To Increase Hotel Security Give Your Employees A Sense Of Responsibility When employees feel responsible […]
Red Diesel Security: How To Prevent Theft
Red diesel security is becoming more crucial in the farming and construction industry. Red diesel is used to fuel heavy pieces of machinery that are responsible for a variety of agricultural and building processes. Unfortunately, whenever something is valuable there is a higher chance of it being stolen. Therefore, learning how to prevent red diesel […]
The Safest Places to Live in London
Feeling safe is high on everyone’s priority list, when it comes to choosing a home. If you are looking to relocate to the capital, or are moving from one part to another, we have all the latest information on the safest places to live in London, in 2021.  10:  Redbridge: 21,276 crimes – 69 per […]
Vacant Property Security: 6 Tips to Protect Your Property
What is vacant property? Vacant property is the property owned by someone that remains empty, with no one living in it. As a landlord, you may discover that your property has been vacant for an extended period. It would be best if you guaranteed that your empty property was as safe and secured as possible. […]