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‘It’s just carnage’: Boy arrested after 42 cars damaged in wrecking spree | #Express&Star
This is very #disturbing.‘Dozens of cars were smashed by #vandals in an early-morning wrecking spree today.’ As I mentioned in other posts vandalism is on the rise.My guess is because people are tired and frustrated with the #Covid19 situation and release anger through anti-social behaviour. #Neighbourhood association if they want peace of mind need to […]
Anti-social behaviour and vandalism cause closure of Jersey’s Portelet Common | #ITVNews
#Vandalism is on the rise big time.People are bored and frustrated because of this #Covid19 and blown it off in alcohol and #anti-social behaviour. Now is up to #neighbourhood associations to find solutions to safeguard their community with a #K9StreetPatrol ‘ #Police say discarded rubbish, broken glass and vandalism have increased in the area lately, […]
Ten-year-old boy dies after water incident at building site – STV News
A ten-year-old boy has died after an incident at a building site. All building sites should have night and weekends security to prevent accidents on out of work hours. Children love to play on #construction sites and #emptyBuildings.I know how it is, I use to play on #abandoned buildings when I was a boy. I […]
FairyBricks, has had £400,000 worth of toys #stolen from its #warehouse.
‘ #FairyBricks, a #charity  initiative that sends #LEGO to children in hospital has had £400,000 worth of toys #stolen from its #warehouse.18,000 boxes of the #construction toy building kits were stolen leaving the organisation ‘devastated.’ 18.000 boxes of LEGO?How on Earth will the thieves gonna make money from this Lego?Is it a black market for […]