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FairyBricks, has had £400,000 worth of toys #stolen from its #warehouse.
‘ #FairyBricks, a #charity  initiative that sends #LEGO to children in hospital has had £400,000 worth of toys #stolen from its #warehouse.18,000 boxes of the #construction toy building kits were stolen leaving the organisation ‘devastated.’ 18.000 boxes of LEGO?How on Earth will the thieves gonna make money from this Lego?Is it a black market for […]
K9 Security Services
The truth is, visible security solutions such as canine protection can have a much higher criminal deterrent factor than many of the discreet and hidden security measures that are frequently chosen instead. Displaying physical protection in an obvious manner can often be enough to get the job done. That is why K9 protection is a […]
A brave new world
A brave new world? It is no secret that we are experiencing unprecedented times. The economy has all but stopped and when it restarts governments expect a protracted recession. And with it a cascade of challenges, security risks and changes. “It may well precipitate rapid social and economic transformation similar to that which followed two […]
Why Does London Prefer Security Dogs To Other Methods?
The string of burglaries has steadily been increasing in London, striking fear into the hearts of the people. One area that was being heavily effected was the Wimbledon area, an affluent suburb of London. Wimbledon has suffered a staggering 228 break-ins in just 24 months, a 17% increase in 2019 from 2018. Sources claim that […]