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All security systems can be bypass.
If they are valuables at your premises somone knows how to take them away despite your sofisticate CCTV and alarm system. Unless you have Guard Dog Security😅🤣😍 #security #k9unit #GuardDogSecurityUK
We are very proud to provide #ZeroEmission #DogUnit vans
We are very proud to provide Professional and clean #K9Security services using our #ZeroEmision vans and these wonderful German Sheperds. We do our best to keep your premises safe and save the planet too. #OurMissionisToProtect
‘It’s just carnage’: Boy arrested after 42 cars damaged in wrecking spree | #Express&Star
This is very #disturbing.‘Dozens of cars were smashed by #vandals in an early-morning wrecking spree today.’ As I mentioned in other posts vandalism is on the rise.My guess is because people are tired and frustrated with the #Covid19 situation and release anger through anti-social behaviour. #Neighbourhood association if they want peace of mind need to […]
Anti-social behaviour and vandalism cause closure of Jersey’s Portelet Common | #ITVNews
#Vandalism is on the rise big time.People are bored and frustrated because of this #Covid19 and blown it off in alcohol and #anti-social behaviour. Now is up to #neighbourhood associations to find solutions to safeguard their community with a #K9StreetPatrol ‘ #Police say discarded rubbish, broken glass and vandalism have increased in the area lately, […]