Building Site Security

Security measures to protect building sites

Over the years building sites have had no choice but to increase their security measures to protect themselves. Regularly struck by thieves, the problem has got progressively worse and more frequent. This is where security measures become imperative in this industry. Building sites are exposed, even with locked fences and gates around the perimeter; it is an area known for leaving incredibly valuable items unattended. With thousands of pounds worth of machinery, materials and labour damages destroyed or stolen, these thefts can mean delays, restarts or even a complete halt on production, leaving your investment dead in the water and a huge amount of workers without a job to do.


    There is a solution

    Visible protection is often the most effective deterrent for thieves or vandals in any area. Static guards, patrol dogs and guard dogs all play their part in securing and protecting closed sites.

    Expensive machinery, tools and materials can be sold quickly and easily allowing these criminals to make money at your expense. By manning your building site with visible security, such as special unit guard dogs, K9 patrols or skilled static guards you will be successfully ensuring thieves and vandals are discouraged. Implementing a well-curated security system can lower your insurance costs, keep your business afloat and significantly reduce the risk of fire, damage and theft.

    CCTV is effective, overnight floodlights can be beneficial but having a physical presence will more often than not be enough to put criminals off.

    Other areas that can benefit from building site security are:

    • Access Control Through our static guard option we are able to manage and ensure only authorised personnel are permitted.
    • On-Site Conflicts Staffing issues can be stamped out quickly by having onsite security without the need for third-party involvement.
    • An Extra Pair Of Eyes Can reduce the risk of on-site accidents creating a safer work environment for all.

    Take action now and prevent yourself from being a crime statistic. Save yourself money, stress and anxiety by choosing Guard Dog Security; as we can provide you with construction site security that works. 

    Contact us today on 020 8637 1406, and protect your valuable assets right now.

    Building Site Dog Patrols London

    Protecting building sites has been one of our core services for fifteen years and continues to be in high demand, as the rate of equipment and materials theft has been rising. It is estimated that a dog patrol unit is more effective at preventing crime than six static guards. Our professionally trained dogs and Security Industry Association authorised handlers provide an active, front-line security. Guard dogs are visible and can be loud; their speed and power are a strong deterrent for even the toughest criminals.

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