Canine Security Patrol

The benefits of having a canine security patrol service

The value in securing any area, event, building or even an individual with highly skilled and trained canine is unparalleled. Canine security patrol has been a reliable and successful form of security for many years and for good reason. The highly alert and professionally trained dogs provide protection and security to their handler and the general public, while still having the ability to provide sound and precise honing techniques where security may have been compromised.

Whether you are looking for an effective and more practical solution for your security needs or are looking for a thorough and reassuring approach; canine security is the right choice for you.

Many properties and businesses are prone to attracting criminal behaviour. Your premises could hold valuable goods, criminals could be known to operate in your area or you have more personal reasons to increase your security; canine security is a great way to patrol your business or home and secure the perimeters.

Using a combination of training dogs and their skilled handlers to protect, secure and deter, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you and your livelihood are under solid protection.

Security is our number one focus; we pride ourselves on providing a tailor-made service that suits your needs when you need us.


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