Construction Site Dog Security London






Construction Site Dog Security Service in London is a cost-effective and effective solution to secure your site. Constructing new buildings in London can be a time-consuming project. Unfortunately, construction sites are a breeding ground for criminal activity, vandalism, or damages. That’s why it is so important to secure it, so you can be at peace of mind that your project will be done according to the time frame and most importantly, that your life is not in danger and your equipment is not stolen. 



The most effective source of protection is dog security

There are many options out there to secure your construction site, but the most efficient source of protection is dog security. Depending on the size of your site, there could be anywhere between 10-100 people working on the construction site at any one time. When, however, it is time to lock up at the end of the day, the site is often abandoned until the following morning. This is likely to be the perfect time for intruders to break in. Dog security works in tandem with guard security, providing our clients with an excellent and thorough protection service. The safety of your construction site is guaranteed with us.


    Why is dog security so effective?

    • Responds quickly to suspicious noises
    • The physical presence of the dog can be enough to deter the intruder
    • Barking is just as effective as the bite
    • Trained to specifically save, secure and protect
    • Can pick up on irregularities quicker than most technology and people


    Take action now and prevent yourself from being a crime statistic. Save yourself money, stress and anxiety by choosing Guard Dog Security; as we can provide you with construction site security that works. 

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    Building Site Dog Patrols London

    Protecting building sites has been one of our core services for fifteen years and continues to be in high demand, as the rate of equipment and materials theft has been rising. It is estimated that a dog patrol unit is more effective at preventing crime than six static guards. Our professionally trained dogs and Security Industry Association authorised handlers provide an active, front-line security. Guard dogs are visible and can be loud; their speed and power are a strong deterrent for even the toughest criminals.

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