How Can Guard Dog Units Help Your Business?


Regardless of what industry you work in, chances are guard dogs would be beneficial to you and your business. 

Businesses, warehouses, factories, and commercial premises are often targeted by criminals, thieves and vandals, sometimes as they are looking to steal machinery or tools, other times because they just want to deface someone’s property! 

Whether you are just looking for an extra layer of protection, or you have been broken into recently and would like to minimise the chances of it happening again, here are some reasons why guard dog units could be the right decision for you.

They Deter

CCTV is a great deterrent, but it doesn’t quite compare to a guard dog unit and a dog handler patrolling the perimeter of your business. 

Whilst guard dogs are trained to be approachable and friendly to you and your staff, they also know when to make audible/visible signals if they detect a threat, which will quickly scare off any criminals. 

They Protect Your Staff

You want your staff to feel safe and protected in the workplace and whilst coming and going from your premises. If you have been exposed to a threat in the past, or your business is in a high-risk industry, your staff will be expecting high level security. Guard dog units give your team peace of mind, so they can feel comfortable and confident whilst at work.

They Help Maintain Your Property

Regular break ins and persistent vandalism are irritating but also costly to your business. You don’t want to be spending money on jet cleaning to get rid of graffiti or forking out cash for new windows every time one is broken into. Investing in a guard dog patrol can save you money, as the guard dog unit decreases the likelihood your business will be targeted. 

They Increase Your Security Solutions

A guard dog unit can work alongside any security system you already have in place. Whether you have CCTV, roboguards or a high-tech alarm system, employing the help of a guard dog unit will only help you further. 

Most guard dog companies will offer scheduling that works around you. You might only want one or two visits a night, or you might want a guard dog unit present 24/7. Whatever approach you are looking for, the company can tailor their solution to the unique needs of you and your business.

Want to Find Out More?

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