How Are Guard Dogs Trained?


Established in 2004, Guard Dog Security is dedicated to safeguarding commercial and residential properties, valuable assets, venues and people from vandalism, theft and trespass. 

We do so with the help of highly-trained guard dogs that are recognised for their ability to detect security threats, with the help of a dedicated handler. But, how are these guard dogs trained? And what makes them so special?

Here is how we train our dogs, to be sure their natural strengths and characteristics are developed.


Socialisation is a vital process that happens early on in a dog’s life. Socialisation ensures the guard dog learns valuable life skills that will keep it happy, confident and able to communicate.

During the 8 – 12 week age period, future guard dogs must be exposed to as many new people, animals, objects and places as possible. This helps build their confidence and makes such that are always able to cope with changing situations and environments. This also makes them better able to understand and evaluate what is/what is not a threat. 

Obedience Training

A puppy that will one day become a guard dog undergoes obedience training from a young age. Most dogs can be well trained through positive reinforcement, through rewards for good behaviour. 

In obedience, training environments will be created where the dog is encouraged to perform a certain exercise/task. Once the dog has completed that exercise/task it will be rewarded. This teaches them to be obedient and follow their handler’s instructions. 


Setting rules for the guard dog’s future is essential. Rules create a reliable dog. Guard dogs must have clear and defined leadership from their handlers/owners. They must gain an understanding of rules, and they should be rewarded for following them. Once rules and rewards have been implemented, the dog begins to understand its responsibilities.

Fun and Positivity

It is a common misconception that guard dogs are all work no play. In fact, this is far from the truth. More often than not guard dogs are rewarded with games and treats from their handlers, as this teaches them to follow the rules and respect their handler. It also helps them learn faster!