How To Improve Hotel Security


Hotel security is extremely important for the safety of guests. Despite usually having strong policies and protective mechanisms in place, hotels are susceptible to fraud, break-ins, theft and cyber attacks. Here are some practical ways to increase hotel security.

Ways To Increase Hotel Security

Give Your Employees A Sense Of Responsibility

When employees feel responsible for something they are more likely to stay aware of any security violations and will try to fix issues at a faster rate. You can even introduce an anonymous tip line where staff can report threats to hotel security without the fear of being judged or making the wrong accusations.

Furthermore, empower your employees by maintaining a work order system that treats every report with urgency.

Create A Cohesive Relationship Between IT and Security

Both of these departments are crucial for hotel protection. Therefore, they should communicate regularly and work together to maximise the safety of your hotel. Not to mention, possess an understanding of what roles they are most responsible for.

Due to being such an important relationship, it is beneficial to keep both teams under the same department and fund them equally. As a result, they can also hold regular meetings where they can discuss the hotel’s security measures and if any improvements are needed.

Upgrade Your Locks

By investing in high-tech locks you can deter theft attempts. Modern locks can track who goes in and out of rooms which will make it easy to identify any rogue behaviour. This includes your staff who will think twice about stealing something when they know that everything they do is being tracked.

Besides, installing automatic deadbolts which can also deter threats from thieves and get rid of any master keys.

Conduct Safety Meetings

Regular meetings with all your staff is a great way to keep everyone in the loop regarding hotel security. You can discuss the safety of your guests and simple strategies to reduce any risk of harm. 

Onwards, you can use these meetings to watch specific training videos that will inform your staff on how to identify suspicious behaviour and how to deal with it.