K9 Security Services

K9 Security Services

The truth is, visible security solutions such as canine protection can have a much higher criminal deterrent factor than many of the discreet and hidden security measures that are frequently chosen instead. Displaying physical protection in an obvious manner can often be enough to get the job done. That is why K9 protection is a hugely successful method for defending people, properties and events.

The combination of a well-trained and capable security dogs and their human counterparts incorporates a blend of skillsets that creates an incredibly effective duo, discouraging anyone looking to trespass, cause physical harm to another party, devise hazardous or dangerous situations at large or small public and private events or for those who are interested in any other sort of threat, theft, violence or alarm.  For many, overnight protection is where threat levels are particularly high; construction sites, large retail corporations or building sites are all laden with valuable products, machinery, tools and goods.

Our expertly trained security dogs are here to protect and serve. Using extensive training with their handlers, the rapport between human and animal becomes an unstoppable team of loyalty, trust and guidance. These dogs are equipped to take command when needed, react when told and offer guarded reinforcement if the time calls for it.

Whether it is you or a loved one that needs extra protection, your property, a special occasion or a private residence; incorporating strategic and mindful protective measures in the form of a K9 and their handler can be the difference between a potentially harmful and dangerous situation and peace and civility.

By nature, dogs partner well with their owners, they are a great source of detection and are the perfect animals to comply with disciplined techniques; by combining their natural instincts, high-level training and effective relationship with their handler, you can feel assured that you are safe and protected.

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