Red Diesel Security: How To Prevent Theft


Red diesel security is becoming more crucial in the farming and construction industry. Red diesel is used to fuel heavy pieces of machinery that are responsible for a variety of agricultural and building processes.

Unfortunately, whenever something is valuable there is a higher chance of it being stolen. Therefore, learning how to prevent red diesel theft is essential for the protection of you and your business.

Red diesel is cheap and it is effortless to stock in large amounts. So when there is a large quantity of it, it’s easy for someone to take some off the top without it being noticeable. Due to theft being a simple process, it is becoming increasingly common.

Strategies For Red Diesel Security

Install Better Fences and Locks

Too many construction and farming sites have little security which makes stealing red diesel unchallenging. A seasoned burglar knows how to deal with padlocked gates, therefore, you need to first invest in superior fences and locks. Then it is critical to only provide trusted members of your business the keys to these locks.

Place The Storage Tank In An Awkward Place

The harder it is for a burglar to reach the storage tank the more likely it will deter them from attempting theft and the better your red diesel security. You can double-check the local laws for tank safety, but try to put a structure around the storage tank as a further form of prevention.

Make Sure The Storage Tank Is Well-Lit

This sounds counterintuitive, however, thieves want to steal in the darkness because it provides them with cover from being spotted. By installing floodlights or motion sensor lights, you will be able to spot a thief straightaway and vastly enhance your red diesel security.

Invest In Guard Dogs

Guard dogs are one of the best guardians of property. They have incredible senses that can detect when a thief is attempting a robbery or is trespassing on your property. Plus, they provide a loud warning with their barks so you are fully prepared. Not to mention, if a thief does try to steal red diesel they can intercept them and slow down their escape.