Safety and Security Tips for Hotels | Guard Dog Security


Every guest wants something different from a hotel, some are just looking for a place to sleep after a long day of travelling, others are looking for a bit of luxury to escape the real world for a bit. However, one thing that most, if not all guests, want, is to feel safe in the hotel they are staying in. It is up to you to make sure your hotel security measures are up to scratch, and that your guests feel protected whilst they are with you. Below is some advice, from a professional hotel security company, on how to create a secure environment. 

Safety and Security Tips for Hotels

  1. Use intelligent access

It is likely that you already use keycards for the hotel rooms, but implementing this across the rest of your hotel can provide extra peace of mind. You will want to keep the lobby, and perhaps the bar or restaurant, open to foot traffic, but areas such as the gym and pool could be keycard entry. This lets guests know only those who have checked in are able to use those facilities. 

  1. Make use of current surveillance technology

Technology is constantly changing and improving, so the dusty CCTV system you have could be due an upgrade. firms can install both visible and hidden cameras to keep an eye on every inch of your property. You could also look into motion-detecting lights, and anti-tampering systems to deter unwanted intruders. 

  1. Train staff in security measures

Your responsibility to keeping people safe in your hotel does not only apply to your guests, you also need to think about your staff. They should be kept up to date on training and hotel security procedures, so that they feel safe in their workplace. Housekeepers, for example, often deal with minor injuries from repetitive strain or other tasks they have to perform on the job. By implementing a good training program, they will be better equipped to do their job properly and safely. 

  1. Hire an external hotel security company

There is a lot to think about when it comes to hotel security, so you might want to hire the help of an expert. They can evaluate your hotel and point out where the weak points may be, and then implement a plan to overcome these problems.