Industries we protect

Construction industry

Protecting building sites has been one of our core services for fifteen years and continues to be in high demand, as the rate of equipment and materials theft has been rising. It is estimated that a dog patrol unit is more effective at preventing crime than six static guards. Our professionally trained dogs and Security Industry Association authorised handlers provide an active, front-line security. Guard dogs are visible and can be loud; their speed and power are a strong deterrent for even the toughest criminals.

Renewable energy

Guard Dog Security deploys highly visible vans and uniformed guards together with expertly trained dogs to prevent any security breaches. Our vans and uniforms have bright and fluorescent designs, similar to those of the police and are a strong deterrent to would be perpetrators. We patrol the perimeter of renewable energy sites consistently and ensure any potential threats or suspicious activities are promptly dealt with.

Data centres and server farms

Technologically trained hackers and thieves target security systems consisting of smart doors, networked security cameras, locks and alarms. If they gain control over these systems, they can open doors and gates, which allows them entry into confidential areas. These breaches are usually very costly for businesses and protecting against them requires adequate security arrangements, involving physical and technological measures. Guard Dog Security is dedicated to prevent physical breaches and ensure continuous, undisturbed use of your premises, data centres and server farms. We deploy Dog Patrol Units, consisting of highly experienced security officers and imposing guard dogs, to protect the most valuable assets in your business. They act as a strong deterrent for potential perpetrators and enhance standard security measures such as CCTV recording, static guards and biometric access, making the premises unbreachable.

Manufacturing and warehousing

Despite the use of CCTV cameras and static guard security, property crime is widespread in the manufacturing industry. The most common form of crime experienced in the sector is theft, with 296 cases per 1,000 premises recorded in 2017. Vandalism was the second highest with 214 incidents per 1000 premises, closely followed by burglary with 211. *

Dog patrols are a proven, cost effective solution used for decades by prudent companies to enhance the physical security of their premises and manufacturing facilities. Guard Dog Security’s highly trained dog and handler units have vast experience in detecting vulnerabilities, deterring and stopping perpetrators. Importantly for our clients, they provide greater prevention capabilities and cost effectiveness than standard security officers.

Number of crimes per 1,000 manufacturing premises in England and Wales 2017,, May 2018

Estates and vacant property

This service is popular with wealthy individuals (VIPs) and businesses owning valuable residential or commercial properties and committed to the highest levels of security. Vacant commercial property in the UK is vulnerable to squatting, vandalism, theft and other costly property crimes. Guard Dog Security’s time-tested services ensure your property is fully safeguarded against any perpetrators. Our teams of uniformed security officers and powerful dogs are a visible and convincing reminder to any potential intruder that the properties are professionally and forcefully protected. Furthermore, we customise security solutions to the requirements of each customer and the specific vulnerabilities of each site. You receive full protection against all the potential disruptive and costly actions, including theft, vandalism, fly-tipping, squatting, and occupation by travellers.

Government organisations

Guard Dog Security has been a long-term provider of security solutions for a range of government bodies, properties and activities. We’ve been regularly trusted to guard government premises against theft of goods, equipment and machinery, to provide physical protection for events and activities at official venues or to guard valuable and vulnerable public properties. In our lengthy experience, Guard & Dog Units teams are an effective way to ensure high standards of security for many government assets and activities, such as:
  • Parks and outdoors government properties
  • University and college campuses and events
  • Construction and renovation work for various government buildings
  • Official, high security events
  • Sports and fitness venues
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