Ten Security Tips For Your Home


1. Set up a visible security system

Whether it’s a basic DIY system or one that comes with professional monitoring and home automation, our first tip for securing your home is setting it up with a security system. Today there are plenty of home security options for every budget and every level of protection; and the best thing is that the majority of these will come with a smartphone app allowing you to monitor your home in live time.

2. Invest in smart lighting

With the aim of being as discreet as possible, many burglars operate in darkness. Motion sensor lighting can alert you or your neighbours of movement near your home and can be enough to put a burglar off.

3. Don’t make it obvious when you are away

Burglars will often target homes when their occupants are away so it’s important to not make it so obvious when you go away on holiday. You can also ask a trusted friend or neighbour to check in on your home at regular intervals.

3. Hide valuables

Store your valuables out of sight as they can attract opportunistic thieves. You might also want to consider investing in a safe. Most companies that sell safes will also offer to install it for you at minimal or sometimes no additional cost.

4. Own a fireproof safe

Speaking of safes, owning a fire-proof safe and bolting it to the wall or to the floor will add another security level to your home altogether. Even in the event of a burglary, a safe will ensure your most precious valuables remain secure and untouched. Make sure to keep the passcode secure with you, and don’t write it anywhere it can be easily found (including on your mobile phone)!

5. Keep your keys in a safe place

Much like hiding your valuables, it is also advisable you keep your car keys hidden as many burglars will break into homes just to take cars. Keep your keys away from your front door to avoid ‘letterbox fishing’, a tactic where burglars use a fishing rod or long magnetic implement to grab keys through a home’s letterbox.

6. Lock the windows

Doors and windows are the most common entry points for burglars. Unfortunately, manufacturer latches on windows aren’t always effective. To help make your windows burglar-proof you can reinforce glass with window security film, install window or glass break sensors, add window bars and even plant prickly bushes under first-floor windows.

7. Update your locks

If you’re serious about your building security, you might want to consider installing certain approved lock types that can reduce your home insurance premium. This is because they’re the safest and the most likely to prevent burglars from gaining entry into your home.

8. Burglar proof your garden

Gravel around your home is a great deterrent, as it makes it harder for burglars to approach without alerting the occupant. You should also make sure hedges are trimmed back so your property is not hidden from view.

9. Join a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme if you want to feel more secure. The organisation told The Eco Experts that 2.3 million households across the UK are covered by the programme, which essentially involves people looking out for each other. Protecting everything important to you while making the world a bit better and it’s a win-win!

10. Make your garage door impenetrable

You’re on your way to making your home into a fortress having checked through all of our tips above, but what about your garage? In terms of home security tips, it may sound simple, but it’s never a good idea to leave thieves with an opening. Make sure the main garage door and any side doors are made of a solid material, such as metal. Cover any windows, and consider installing a specific alarm for the garage. After all, vehicle-related thefts are more common than any other kind of household theft.