Security Dogs: The Sound Decision in Protection


We live in the age of technological advancement, and it feels like we can do anything at just the click of a button or a scan of our face. Life has seemingly become easier and everyday jobs are done in new, more convenient ways, but with all this progression, are we, in fact, missing what has consistently worked so well, are we dismissing traditional solutions because they have been replaced with objectively more efficient methods?

The truth is dog security has always been an effective security measure. Used in ancient times, this source of protection is still one of the most powerful examples of home and family protection available. In fact, during Roman times, dogs would be chained up during the day and released to roam the property or land they were guarding at night. The training and procedures may be more sophisticated but the innate authority of guard dog security has stood the test of time.

So, why are these dogs still such an important and effective security measure?


Just like in ancient times, the mere presence of a guard dog was often enough to deter potential intruders or criminals; by physically exhibiting the animal, many are put off from their plans to invade and try their luck elsewhere. This really hasn’t changed much in all these years; a loud bark or the mere mention of a guard dog could be enough but if it is not, professionally trained guard dogs can restrain, attack or indicate to their handler that an unrecognised person is on the premises.

Powerful Detectors

Although dogs have the same 5 senses that humans have, dogs possess a powerful enhancement of these senses and this is the reason why the police force or security firms often use trained dogs to sniff our potential threat such as explosives, drugs, toxic substances and the ability to detect their owners or even missing people more effectively. From seemingly undetectable noises to finding evidence, guard dogs have the natural intuition and immeasurable detection skills to protect private homes, individuals, families, large events and specific occasions.

Works in Conjunction

We are by no means rejecting modern security practices such as CCTV, close-range light sensors, alarm systems, heavy-duty windows and doors or even security guards; in fact, depending on the size of your property or event incorporating other methods alongside trained guard dogs and handlers can be incredibly complimentary. The power of instant detection with dogs and their handlers means that danger is more likely to be eliminated or dealt with in the heat of the moment while other methods can be useful after the threat has occurred.

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