Vacant Property Security Solutions


For property owners across the UK empty property security can be a major concern. As office staff continue to work from home and some factories are shut due to government enforced lockdown the number of homes, offices or factories remaining empty is likely to increase. An empty property can be exposed to fly tipping, vandalism or squatters, but there are a few things you can do to help prevent this. You may want to look into security guards, CCTV or K9 patrol to protect your premise, read on to learn more.

Key Threats to a Vacant Property

  • Squatters: As of 2012 it is an offence for squatter to occupy residential buildings, but this has meant they have turned to commercial properties. Many squatters know the law and where they stand, and they make it hard for property owners to get them removed. Therefore, it is better to be proactive and prevent squatters accessing the property, as opposed to removing them and cleaning up after them once they have.
  • Fly tipping: With many properties empty it is easier for members of the public to dump waste on the land, saving them the money it costs to dispose of rubbish at the tip. Unfortunately, once the rubbish has been illegally dumped it becomes the landowner’s responsibility to dispose of it. This can become very costly if it is happening on a regular basis, and so it is something you will want to prevent.
  • Vandalism and burglary: One of the most obvious threats to your business is that of vandalism or burglary. It is estimated that 1 in 5 businesses will be negatively affected by crime, and empty or vacant commercial properties are much more attractive to criminals as they are low risk targets. Vacant factories and warehouses are most susceptible to this threat, as they often contain valuable materials or tools.

Possible Security Solutions

  • CCTV monitoring: Using CCTV can offer additional security protection and can also bring down the cost of your empty property insurance. Furthermore, it can be an effective deterrent against unauthorised access by criminals.
  • Mobile security: Mobile security guards can move around your premises to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour or intruders. They can patrol the outside to look for signs of forced entry and patrol the inside to check for intruders. You may choose to have these guards stationed 24/ or they may come sporadically at intervals of your instruction.
  • K9 Patrol: Another empty property solution is dog patrol. Dog security can be an excellent deterrent, the animals have a heightened sense of sight and hearing which provides an early detection sign and aids in the prevention of crime. Dog security is great for large empty sites, such as factories and warehouses, that are unpopulated.