What Business Sectors Could Benefit From Guard Dog Security?


Security is just as important in the commercial world as it is in domestic settings. 

At Guard Dog Security, we focus on protecting six main sectors. Each of these industries has valuable assets, materials and sites that need protecting around the clock. That’s where we come in, we are dedicated to safeguarding commercial premises, protecting them from theft, vandalism and trespass. 

Here are the primary sectors we help protect:


If your construction site has expensive equipment and materials, then you will want to protect it from theft and vandalism. Construction sites, when not protected, can also be vulnerable to fly-tipping and misuse of equipment. 

Guard dog security can keep your construction site safe, keeping out unwanted visitors.

Renewable Energy:

Renewable energy sites such as solar or wind farms are becoming increasingly widespread across the UK. These sites are home to vast amounts of expensive equipment, yet security is often an afterthought. A quick Google search can reveal your location to criminals, leaving your site open to vandalism and theft. 

With guard dog security and patrols, you can keep your site safe. 

Data Centres:

Data centres house extremely expensive IT equipment, plus, a breach could result in a data leak, which is a costly incident. The types of people to break into a data centre will likely be well-versed in IT, a few taps of their keyboard and your alarm system could be overridden, opening up your data centre to crime.

Guard dog security might not be the most technical form of defence, but it is a tried and tested way to keep your property safe. Dogs can detect noise and intruders in a matter of seconds. If anyone enters your data centre, they will know about it.


Manufacturing properties are hot targets for thieves looking to lift stolen goods. Over a quarter of all manufacturing properties are broken into at least once a year. 

Guard dog security is a chance for you to protect your property, reducing break-ins and keeping costs down. CCTV is not enough to deter thieves anymore, many are happy to cover their faces and take their chances! However, a guard dog patrol unit is a strong deterrent, even the most hardened criminals will think twice if they see a guard dog on the property.

Vacant Properties: 

Whether it’s a residential property that needs protecting whilst you are on holiday or a large estate that sits vacant for much of the year, our guard dog patrol units can keep your property safe.

Empty properties are a haven for thieves, vandals, criminals and squatters. A guard dog patrol unit can ensure you have no unwanted visitors entering your home/estate. 

Government Organisations:

From parks and outdoor venues to universities, government buildings, and high-security events, the team at Guard Dog Security have kept a whole range of governmental organisations safe. 

We protect the property, its content and the people inside. Government properties are hot targets for thieves, vandals and even protestors. Our team can keep your property, your staff and your visitors safe.

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