What is K9 patrol?


K9 patrol is an affordable and cost-effective solution to your security needs. K9 patrol acts as both a visual and auditory deterrent, putting off would-be criminals from damaging/ stealing/ vandalising. 

K9 patrols involve a guard dog company patrolling your building, and usually 3 or 4 other buildings in the area, offering security to each of the businesses. Usually, the K9 patrol team will visit your property several times throughout the night, periodically checking for anything suspicious. The handler and dog will spend around 20-30 minutes at your property, ensuring a thorough check has been made. They will also change their visiting times each night, to ensure there is no predictability of the schedule.

Some benefits of K9 patrols include:

  • Dogs have an excellent sense of smell, hearing, and sight, meaning they can offer your business exceptional protection from intruders. Dogs can detect suspicious activity long before humans or cameras can, ensuring your business is protected from crime. 
  • K9 patrol can be a more cost-effective solution when compared to 24/7 security. Your business can chip in with other businesses in your area, ensuring each property is protected. 
  • Dogs can sense intruders within minutes. If they suspect there is a security breach at your property, they will be sure to alert their handler almost instantly.
  • K9 patrols are fully customisable to your security needs. If there is a specific area of your building that you think is more vulnerable, our K9 security team can pay particular attention to that weakness, so that you can sleep better at night knowing your property is safe.

If you are interested in K9 patrols, we can help you. Our professional team of security guards offer K9 patrols to a wide range of businesses. We tailor our approach to the exact needs of your business, ensuring we offer security that gives you peace of mind. Get in touch to find out more about our reliable security solutions.