What is Street Patrol Security?


The use of private street patrol security has become more prominent over recent years as residents want to feel safer in their homes. The threat of vandalism, trespassing, burglaries or violence does not make for a peaceful night’s sleep, and so, often people want some added security for peace of mind.

How do Street Patrols Work?

The main goal of street patrol security is to ensure you and your family feel safe in your home at all times. The presence of a security guard is a visible deterrent to discourage thieves and vandals, sometimes the guards may also have guard dogs to bring with them, which adds another level of security.

What is Street Patrol Security?

Street patrol security means there will always be a friendly face moments away from your front door step. Not only is this great for deterring thieves, but the security guard can also escort you from your car to your home if you are working late, they can check around your garden if you hear any unfamiliar noises and they can keep an eye on vehicles parked in the road throughout the night.

Who Needs Street Patrol Security?

Street patrol security is suitable for anyone who wants peace of mind that their home, the contents, and their family are safe. Sometimes, neighbours in the area may have noticed a spike in break ins or vandalisms, and be keen to do something about it.

One road in Birmingham hired street patrol security for exactly that reason. The street had been plagued by car thefts and so the neighbours decided to chip in £10 a week for security patrols. As in this instance, a small amount of money in the short term can save you the cost of repairs and replacing stolen goods.

Street patrol security is also a great solution for private roads with high value houses. Roads such as these are popular targets for thieves and burglars, and security can help prevent this.