When do most break ins occur?


Who doesn’t think about having guard dogs dotted around the home after a neighbour has been robbed? Burglary is a major problem across the nation and criminals are getting smarter and more sophisticated in their approach. It’s a frightening prospect and something no one wants to experience.

Break-ins are frustrating because your personal space has been violated, regardless of what was stolen. You might even feel less safe in your home which isn’t right. So, when is a break in most likely to occur, and can a guard dog solve the problem?

Prime times for break-ins

Evenings and late nights (between 6 pm and 6 am) is the typical ‘prime’ time when a break in occurs. This, however, depends on several factors, such as location. The reason why break-ins occur so frequently at night is that it’s quiet. People are in bed and there are fewer cars on the road, which means fewer opportunities to be spotted by anyone. In recent times, however, daytime burglaries are becoming more common in rural communities.

This has led to an increase in people buying a guard dog. It’s easy to see why so many people love the idea of buying guard dogs to scare off potential burglars.

Opportunity for the burglar

While nights are when most break-ins occur, burglars can strike at any time. For instance, you live on a popular residential street. It’s daytime and most of your neighbours (including yourself) are at work or away from their homes. The burglar is friendly with many of the residents and knows the street is virtually deserted in the afternoon. He sees an open window; this is all the encouragement he needs to commit a burglary.

Most burglaries occur because of opportunity; it’s as simple as that. Having guard dogs in your home can be great but is a big commitment. Dogs can ward off potential burglars, but not always.

The holidays

Guard dogs make great family pets (if cared for properly) and can protect the home too. Dogs are for life, however, and you shouldn’t rush to get one without thinking it through first.

Another prime time for burglaries to happen tends to be around the holidays. So, Christmas and bank holidays are likely to see an increase. It’s typically down to the fact that people are away during these times, whether it’s for a day or just a few hours.

The new approach burglars take

One of the more unusual aspects of modern break-ins is that the burglar isn’t targeting the standard electronics and money, but rather car keys. The concept is that the burglar breaks into the home during the night and steals the keys to an expensive car. The car is driven away without the owners knowing about it until the morning; by then, the car is sold or stripped for parts. It’s quite an ingenious idea and one that is occurring more frequently.

You could use guard dogs to help ward off the burglar before getting into the home, which is why more people like the idea of having a dog. It’s a smart idea, but not without risk.

Are guard dogs the answer to the problem?

Dogs help protect vulnerable households. Having guard dogs can be a great way to scare off potential burglars and keep the home safe. Of course, a dog can make a wonderful family pet too. If you want to buy a dog that’ll guard the home (as well as be a loyal pet), it’s important to train them well.

Protect your home and stay safe

There are ways to help protect the home, including getting a guard dog and installing a new security system. These things alone can typically scare potential burglars away from your property. Of course, if someone is determined to break into your home, no amount of security will deter them. The unfortunate reality is that break-ins occur all too often, and it isn’t just restricted to the dead of the night. That is why more people look to guard dogs and security systems to keep them safe.