Why skimping on security is a false and damaging economy


In an age of high-tech security measures, it can be sometimes easy to
forget that the best methods are often the tried and trusted ones which
have stood the test of time.

“People underestimate criminals. These are not just some people off the street who see an empty site and decide to dump some rubbish. They work in gangs, they do their homework
identifying easy targets, they know how they will break-in, they come prepared with tools to break lock or forklifts to move large bollards and open gates.”

Which is why the services of Bromley-based Guard Dog Security Limited have proved so enduringly popular down the years, often in cases where other security initiatives have failed
with disastrous consequences for businesses.

The company, which works largely on construction sites, specialise in providing highly-trained dogs and handlers and often finds itself called in to provide protection for managers who are at the end of their tether due to repeated incidents. Time and time again, the company’s approach has provided the solution that the client requires.

The business can trace its beginnings back to the childhood the passion of founder and managing director Ray Zamfir. He had a natural way with dogs from a young age and decided to develop his passion for training them into a business.

Initially, he helped owners of large, powerful dogs such as German Shepherds, Rottweiler and Malinois, to train them so that they would behave predictably and suitably for their roles as guards.

However, the business gradually evolved towards training its own dogs, mostly German Shepherds, and providing patrol security services and round-the-clock on-site protection for a diverse range of customers.

In 2004, Guard Dog Security Ltd was incorporated and has since grown into a trusted provider of security services for business premises, valuable assets and people.

The team’s work and methods have repeatedly proved themselves over the past fifteen years and Ray is proud of the company’s security track record and its many positive customer reviews.

As is Ramona Zamfir, Commercial and Development Director, who said: “Our clients tend to fall into two categories, companies that invest in adequate security right from the beginning of work on a site and those that call us in after incidents have disrupted their business, causing financial loss and frustration.”

In one case, the company, whose dogs are trained from puppies and whose handlers are all ex-military and ex-police, was called in to address problems at a building site where a twelve-storey block of flats was being constructed. Intruders had broken in and stolen tools, then come back and done the same again, even though the tools had been moved to a more secure room.

Ramona said: “The firm had CCTV but that is of little use other than to show you how they got in. They also had a guard stationed on the site but he was at the front gate and the intruders came in through the back.

“There had been three incidents in three weeks. Break-ins, where tools are stolen, can have a serious effect. Workers usually own their own tools and are attached to them. They are upset when they are stolen and the relationship between workers and the managers who are responsible for security can also suffer.

“We moved our guards in to solve the problem. The handlers are highly trained as are their dogs and, in this case, although the intruders came back a few times, they were eventually chased away. The dogs are trained to bark differently for intruders or for animals, such as foxes or cats. This helps the dog handlers to be prepared and respond to incidents quickly.”

In another case, the situation was even worse. There had been repeated incidents at the site, which provided units to let in London, including break-ins, huge amounts of rubbish being
dumped, assaults on three security guards and a deliberate fire which led to half the site being destroyed and the owner being fined and forced to sell up.

The new owner called in Guard Dog Security Limited and Ray said; “There had been a lot of
problems on this particular site costing the owners a lot of money. “The previous owner had to give up his plans of developing the site and became a distressed seller.

“People underestimate criminals. These are not just some people off the street who see an empty site and decide to dump some rubbish. They work in gangs, they do their homework identifying easy targets, they know how they will break in, they come prepared with tools to break locks or forklifts to move large bollards and open gates.

“They know exactly what they will steal from a site, what tools, the electric copper wire, lead from the roof, copper pipes, or how much rubbish they can dump; they know the law when they squat and use it to their advantage. It can cost a company between £20,000 and £50,000 to remove rubbish from a site. We got on top of the problem but, in such cases, we always say to a client that, once a problem has been solved, they should not assume that it is solved forever. Security has to be ongoing.”

Ramona said: “We have had cases where we put a stop to the incidents then the client says ‘that means we do not need you any more’ and dispenses with our services and a few week later, the trouble starts up again and they need to call us back in.

“We argue that it makes more sense to work the cost of adequate security into your budget. Demand for our services is growing all the time.”

And the reason people keep coming to Guard Dog Security Limited? Ray said: “The selection and training of security guards and dogs are critical to consistently deliver the high-security levels on which customers rely. Our dependable guards are comprehensively assessed and licensed by the Security Industry Association and we work with former military personnel because their experience, mentality and high standards are an excellent fit for our industry. And our dogs are strong, fast and expertly prepared for security work.”

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