About Us: Guard Dog Security

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Quality Assurance

When it comes to safeguarding valuable assets and people, Guard Dog Security has been the market leader for over fifteen years. We proudly work with former Armed Forces personnel, as they have the experience and mindset to excel in the security industry.

Companies continue to choose us because of our excellent track record in effectively protecting their assets and our customer-oriented business approach. Our extensive experience, highly trained dog patrol units and commitment to excellence give us the confidence to provide an industry first NO INCIDENT WARRANTY.

If a break-in, theft or act of vandalism happens under our watch we compensate our clients for damages up to £3,000 (conditions apply).

Our Story

Our story actually starts in 2004, when our founder Ray, who had a natural way with dogs from a young age, decided to take his passion for training and working with canines into a business. He skilfully helped owners of large breed, powerful dogs such as German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Malinois, train them to behave predictably and suitably for their roles.


The business gradually evolved towards providing dog patrol security services for a diverse range of customers. In 2004, Guard Dog Security was incorporated and we have since grown into a trusted provider of security services for construction sites, warehouses, data centres and more. Our work and methods have been time tested over the last fifteen years and we are very proud of our security track record, our positive customer reviews and our invaluable guard and dog teams. 


Security Guard Selection

The selection and training of security guards and dogs are critical to consistently delivering the high security levels our customers rely upon. Our dependable guards are comprehensively assessed and licensed by the Security Industry Association.

We work with former military personnel because their experience, mentality and high standards are an excellent fit for our industry. Our dogs, mostly German Shepherds, are strong, fast and expertly prepared for security work.

Our dogs are trained to NASDU standard (National Association of Security Dog Users) to ensure they always meet the demands for these mission critical tasks.

Please contact us on 02086371406 or office@guard-dog-security.com to request a quote, for some friendly advice on strengthening the security of your assets or to arrange an appointment at your convenience.

About Us: Guard Dog Security
Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Guard Dog Security provides security solutions for a diverse range of customers and industries. 

Our clients are united by a commitment to provide the highest possible protection for their valuable assets, business activities and key people. We proudly work with:

  • Construction companies looking to safeguard their sites against theft of machinery, tools and materials
  • Renewable energy companies having to protect mission critical assets such as solar panels
  • Data centers and server farms, ensuring maximum protection for hardware and software vital for business continuity and credibility
  • Manufacturers acting to prevent theft of valuable merchandise, tools and intellectual property
  • Government organisations such as local councils, colleges and parks, seeking to protect important buildings, activities and events
  • Wealthy estate owners, committed to the highest standards of protection for their families and homes

Please feel free to contact for any queries and feedback and one of our team member will get in touch shortly.