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Looking to improve yout construction site security?

Construction site security a problem? Ever been worried that you are open to theft? If your site has expensive equipment and a lack of security, then you are already a target for thieves. In 2017 alone the construction industry lost an estimated £800M to theft and vandalism. 

Not to mention the damage and destruction from fly tipping and misuse of vacant sites while construction permits are being waited on. The financial cost of this kind of damage has no limit. 

Secure your construction site today with the expertise of Guard Dog Security.


    Why choose Guard Dog Security?

    • We can be setup and on site within 24 hours.  
    • With over 15 years experience, we secure and protect your construction site.
    • Guard dogs are a visual deterrent, but add a distinct threat of physical harm that will make even the most hardened of criminals think twice.
    • Our Guard Dog Handlers have former military experience and are all SIA registered. Chosen for their focused mentality and high standards of excellence.
    • Our dogs, mostly German Shepherds, are strong, fast and expertly prepared for security work, trained to the highest standards of NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users)

    Take action now and prevent yourself from being a crime statistic. Save yourself money, stress and anxiety by choosing Guard Dog Security; as we can provide you with construction site security that works. 

    Contact us today on 020 8637 1406, and protect your valuable assets right now.

    Building Site Dog Patrols London

    Protecting building sites has been one of our core services for fifteen years and continues to be in high demand, as the rate of equipment and materials theft has been rising. It is estimated that a dog patrol unit is more effective at preventing crime than six static guards. Our professionally trained dogs and Security Industry Association authorised handlers provide an active, front-line security. Guard dogs are visible and can be loud; their speed and power are a strong deterrent for even the toughest criminals.

    Please feel free to contact for any queries and feedback and one of our team member will get in touch shortly.