Renewable Energy Security

Have you considered the security of your solar farm?

Have you considered the security of your solar farm? Solar farms are now more widespread than ever with the population looking for more sustainable energy sources, meaning your solar farm security needs to be the highest quality.

Yet, the security surrounding these sites is just far too basic. With just a bit of help from Google Earth, savvy thieves can pinpoint exactly where and who they want to target, which could be you. 


    Why Choose Guard Dog Security?

    • Guard Dog Security can be your own personal solar farm security team.
    • We will be your first line of defence against thieves. 
    • We can be on site within 24 hours of your initial enquiry.
    • We can also provide 24-7 protection, with our guards working in shifts to ensure your site is always secure.
    • Our guard dogs are all trained to the highest standards of NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users).
    • Many of our guard dog handlers have previous military experience and are all SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed.

    Would you want to test if a dog’s bark is worse than its bite? Call us on 020 8637 1406 and step up your solar farm security right now, before it is too late.

    With adequate technological knowhow they can easily steal solar panels whether they are ground or rooftop mounted. Commercial and residential properties in remote areas are particularly vulnerable, although no area is completely safe.

    Guard Dog Security Units provide you with an ex police or ex military

    Guard Dog Security deploys highly visible vans and uniformed guards together with expertly trained dogs to prevent any security breaches. Our vans and uniforms have bright and fluorescent designs, similar to those of the police and are a strong deterrent to would be perpetrators. We patrol the perimeter of renewable energy sites consistently and ensure any potential threats or suspicious activities are promptly dealt with. Contact us on 02086371406 or by email on to discuss how you can reduce the risk of theft on your solar farm and avoid costly security incidents.

    Please feel free to contact for any queries and feedback and one of our team member will get in touch shortly.