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Guard Dog Security- Dog Patrol Units, Reliable Security Services

Established in 2004, Guard Dog Security is dedicated to safeguarding commercial and residential premises, valuable assets, venues and projects from theft, vandalism and trespass. We work with a range of private and government organisations, providing customised protection solutions to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Our guard and dog security teams are reliably employed as a highly effective way to protect against the considerable cost of replacing stolen goods and repairing damaged ones.


Dog Patrol Units

Guard Dog Units, K9 Patrol

Our dog patrol units act as a strong visual and audible deterrent for prospective intruders. The fear of potential physical harm acts to stop perpetrators from pursuing property crime where a guard dog is present.

Criminals prefer easier targets with lower security levels, such as CCTV cameras. Our K9 patrol services and highly trained static guards are the only solution that will reduce crime rate on your site by 100%.

Furthermore, independent security research shows that one trained guard dog is as effective as six guards.

Services We Provide

GDS units (1)

Guard Dog Units

Our guard dog units provide around the clock security solutions to protect you and your assets from any form of security breach.

Learn more about our Guard Dog Units here.

K9 patrols are an affordable cost-effective solution

K9 Patrol

Our K9 Patrol vans paired with our uniformed security guards and expert guard dogs deter any potential intruders from entering your site.

Learn more about out K9 Patrol Unit here.

Static Security Guards

Static Security Guards

Our static security guard team are there to patrol your site and protect your most valuable assets from security breaches.

Learn more about our Static Security Guards here.

Guard Dog Patrolling Surrey

Why Choose Us

For almost 2 decades, we have been the industry leader in providing Guard Dog Security.

All of our guards are highly trained and have plenty experience in dealing with perpetrators. Not only with Guard Dog Security, but also in their previous jobs as they are all ex-military or ex-police.

Our dogs are trained to the highest standards of NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users)

As well as a 10 million liability insurance, we offer an industry first £3,000 Money Back Warranty if any break in or theft occurs whilst we are on watch. *Terms apply.

Sectors We Protect

Contraction History

Data Centres And Servers Farms

Renewable Energy

Government Organisations

Manufacturing And Warehousing

Estate and Vacant Property

Our Clients Say

Our Clients

Please feel free to contact for any queries and feedback and one of our team member will get in touch shortly.