3 Top Ways To Secure Your Construction Site


A typical day on a construction site tends to be a busy one. But, at night time when the on-site workers have all gone home, valuable equipment, tools and raw materials are left unattended – making you an easy and ideal target for thieves. At Guard Dog Security, construction site security has been one of our main security services for over 15 years. We know how devastating it can be to have your site is broken into and your assets are stolen, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 4 top ways to secure your construction site.

Secure Your Valuables

One of the most basic ways you can protect your construction site is to lock all your equipment, tools and materials away in a secure hold in a protected place. If thieves see that your equipment is locked away, it’s likely they’ll reconsider attacking your construction site in the first place.

Static Security Guards

Sometimes installing a security alarm just isn’t enough when it comes to construction site security. Static security guards are a physical deterrent that will scare any potential thief away. Hiring professional security guards for your construction site is one of the best ways to protect your assets as they are trained and equipped to handle a potential attack. 

Patrol Team

A mobile patrol team is a brilliant way to boost your construction site security. Unlike static security guards, mobile patrols will monitor your site a few times a night to check for any security issues. They’re also very careful not to attend at the same time each night, to avoid creating a pattern that criminals can pick up on.

It’s also a very cost-effective service, as you can a mobile patrol team between other local businesses.

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