Building Site Dog Patrolling Surrey

Our building site dog patrolling services in Surrey are high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective. Securing your building site is the best way to keep your belongings, workforce, materials, and space protected. Building sites are perfect opportunities for thieves to break in, especially when security measures are not in place. Due to our expertise in the industry, we are proud to say that we are well-recognised for our comprehensive range of security services, therefore the safety of your building site is guaranteed with us.


    Why exceptional security must be a priority?

    There are many new buildings, office spaces, or shopping centres that are being built or reconstructed in Surrey. Unfortunately, building sites are opportunities for criminal activities. With costly items left overnight including tools, heavy machinery, and materials a building site can be the perfect option for a thief to break in. This is why excellent security measures need to be applied.

    What is the answer?

    Guard Dog Security is one of the most effective forms of property and land protection in Surrey. Providing a high level of security, guard dogs have a valuable set of qualities and are specially trained to protect you, your employees, and your building site. With an enhanced sense of smell and hearing, guard dogs stay alert all the time. Trained to deter intruders, these dogs have been accurately capable of dealing with intruders in conjunction with their handler; first starting with barking, which is often, enough to scare the intruder as well as protective and attack reflexes these dogs can stop crimes while protecting you, your workforce and your site.

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