Building Site Guard Dog Patrol

Secure your building site

Properly securing your building site is the most effective way to keep your belongs, workforce, materials and space protected. Though not always the first place you would think of, thieves frequently earmark building sites for high quality, easy to obtain goods.

In truth, your building site is the perfect operating ground for criminals to strike. Paved with large-ticket items and valuable goods that can easily be stolen and sold, it is for this reason that is it vital for 5-star securities to be in place.

With costly items left overnight including tools, heavy machinery and materials such as copper piping, framing, carpeting, tiles and wood, a building site can become a haven for attractive commodities ready to be stolen.

What is the answer?

Guard Dog Security provides a level of defence that is unparalleled. With a unique and heightened sense of smell and hearing, guard dogs are alert and in tune to their surroundings. Trained to deter intruders, these dogs have been acutely taught to deal with assailants in stages; once they have identified a disturbance barking, is the first port of call – usually enough to scare off the intruder, but with the addition of protective and attack reflexes these dogs can stop crimes and protect you and your site swiftly and successfully.

Our guard dogs are trained to discourage and shield leaving your building site in safe hands day and night.


    Take action now and prevent yourself from being a crime statistic. Save yourself money, stress and anxiety by choosing Guard Dog Security; as we can provide you with construction site security that works. 

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