Construction Site Dog Patrol Romford

Building site guard dogs in Romford are an excellent and cost-effective security solution for your building. Securing your building site is the best way to keep your belongings, workforce, materials, and space protected. Building sites are perfect opportunities for thieves to break in, especially when security measures are not in place. Due to our expertise in the industry, we are proud to say that we are well-recognised for our comprehensive range of security services, therefore the safety of your building site is guaranteed with us.

Secure your building site with Guard Dog Security

Construction site security is an issue? Ever been worried about intruders breaking in? If your site has expensive equipment and a lack of security, then you are already a target for thieves. In 2017 the construction industry lost an estimated £800M because of vandalism and thieves. Not to mention the damage caused because of fly-tipping and misuse of vacant sites while construction permits are being waited on. The financial cost of this kind of damage has no limit. Secure your building site today with the expertise of Guard Dog Security.


    Reasons to choose Guard Dog Security

    Guard dogs presence – The presence of security dogs can be enough to stop intruders and make them think twice before breaking in, and if not, using their incredible skills-set they can protect you and your valuables, your family, or premises.

    Back-Up – Our trained dogs are a great companion to a static guard. If suspicious activities occur, the support of a guard dog can make all the difference in successful protection.

    Adaptability – The guard dogs have a versatile skills-set, therefore they have the ability to adapt to different situations. They quickly react to various environmental stimuli and they have experience offering security services for customers in different sectors.

    Take action now and prevent yourself from being a crime statistic. Save yourself money, stress and anxiety by choosing Guard Dog Security; as we can provide you with construction site security that works.

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