Construction industry

Construction sites are a favourite target for thieves, attracted by the combination of high equipment value and often inadequate security. According to research from Allianz Insurance, the construction industry lost an estimated £800m in 2017 through the theft and vandalism of plant and machinery*. The impact on the victims is significant: the cost of replacing the stolen equipment – buying new tools or hiring temporarily to ensure continuous operation, financial penalties for missing deadlines and increasing insurance costs. During the last five years theft claims have risen by 55 % and were expected to rise by a further 10% in 2018. Tools and equipment accounted for a third of stolen items. Larger machinery such as excavators and JCBs are also targeted for their high financial value. These are often stolen from contract sites outside of working hours or whilst hired out. There have also been incidents where perpetrators threatened onsite staff and removed kit by force.
Report on plant theft losses from January 2015 – February 2018′, Allianz Insurance plc


Protecting building sites has been one of our core services for fifteen years and continues to be in high demand, as the rate of equipment and materials theft has been rising. It is estimated that a dog patrol unit is more effective at preventing crime than six static guards. Our professionally trained dogs and Security Industry Association authorised handlers provide an active, front-line security. Guard dogs are visible and can be loud; their speed and power are a strong deterrent for even the toughest criminals.

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