Construction Site Dog Patrol Dartford

Construction site dog patrol in Dartford is part of our comprehensive security measures that we offer at Guard Dog Security. Construction sites in Dartford are not always as secure as they should or even could be. While CCTV and floodlights have their role, both physical and visible protection is often the best practice. Trained to be safe with people in public, patrol dogs are taught to protect and serve alongside their handlers. They patrol areas to provide security to any construction buildings that require additional protection measures.  

 Popular with many industries, patrol dogs are often chosen to provide extra safety in many different areas. Construction sites are one area that truly benefits from this additional support. Frequently targeted by thieves and intruders, construction sites tend to be a place of great opportunity for criminals or thieves who are able to easily break-in, especially when security measures are not applied. Therefore, having a comprehensive service as dog guards and handlers is extremely beneficial and cost-effective.

Their qualities


Patrol dogs have exceptionally hearing and smelling senses, therefore they are able to detect any suspicious activity  


When an intruder breaks in, the patrol dog is able to detect that and get to him immediately, in a more efficient time than a human would do.


    A Complementary Counterpart

    The partnership of both guard and patrol dog means your site is more likely to be fully protected and free from danger. While the human instincts of the guard play a huge part, the barking, tracking, and chasing characteristics of the dogs make the perfect security option for your construction site.

    Take action now and prevent yourself from being a crime statistic. Save yourself money, stress and anxiety by choosing Guard Dog Security; as we can provide you with construction site security that works. 

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