Estates and vacant property

This service is popular with wealthy individuals (VIPs) and businesses owning valuable residential or commercial properties and committed to the highest levels of security. A professional Dog Patrol Unit consisting of a former Armed Forces officer and a police dog can safeguard your home, family or valuable assets.

Unbeknown to most people, many robberies take place between leaving the car and getting into the house. Our residential clients receive a comprehensive level of service, including meeting, greeting and escorting all family members or guests, to and from the house, in perfect safety.

Vacant commercial property in the UK is vulnerable to squatting, vandalism, theft and other costly property crimes. Thousands of empty properties are occupied by squatters, as being on another person’s non-residential property without permission is not usually a crime. A long-term squatter can become the registered owner of property or land they’ve occupied without the owner’s permission.


Guard Dog Security’s time-tested services ensure your property is fully safeguarded against any perpetrators. Our teams of uniformed security officers and powerful dogs are a visible and convincing reminder to any potential intruder that the properties are professionally and forcefully protected. Furthermore, we customise security solutions to the requirements of each customer and the specific vulnerabilities of each site. You receive full protection against all the potential disruptive and costly actions, including theft, vandalism, fly-tipping, squatting, and occupation by travellers.

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