How Can Guard Dog Security Help Your Industry?


Guard dogs are known for their protection services, they have heightened senses in comparison to humans and they are able to detect intruders or criminal activity earlier than human guards alone. On top of this they also offer an excellent deterrent, prevention is better than cure and so guard dogs offer a great way to discourage criminal activity. Guard dogs offer a great security solution for a range of purposes and industries, read on to find out whether your situation could benefit from guard dog security.

Construction Industry

If your site has expensive equipment and materials, then it can be a target for thieves. On top of this large construction sites can be susceptible to fly tipping which can have huge financial costs. Hiring the help of a construction site security company can deter and prevent theft, vandalism and fly tipping, potentially saving your business huge amounts of money in the long run. On top of this a construction site security company will often have health and safety training, and so whilst patrolling your site they can look out for any health and safety issues that may cause accidents or injury, helping you keep your staff safe.

Vacant Property Security

The recent events of 2020 have meant there are an increasing number of buildings and properties being left vacant. Numerous office buildings are being left empty as workers move out of cities and work from home. These buildings can often contain expensive machinery such as computers and data centres that will need protected, this is where vacant property security can help. Vacant property security solutions can protect your buildings from theft, fly tipping and squatting. Depending on the value of the tech inside your property you might want 24/7 vacant property security, or sporadic patrols from a guard dog security team.

Hotel Security

With so many people coming into and out of a hotel it can be hard to keep the building secure, so you might want to consider a hotel security team, with or without guard dogs, depending on how high end your hotel is and the type of guests you look after. Hotel security teams can patrol the buildings entrances and exits, and also patrol the carpark to prevent and deter any vehicle theft. As well as this the hotel security team are able to monitor CCTV to keep an eye on what is happening inside the hotel.

The benefits guard dog security can have are not limited to these industries alone, if you have anything or anyone you would like to protect then guard dog security can offer you that service.