Manufacturing and warehousing

Despite the use of CCTV cameras and static guard security, property crime is widespread in the manufacturing industry. The most common form of crime experienced in the sector is theft, with 296 cases per 1,000 premises recorded in 2017. Vandalism was the second highest with 214 incidents per 1000 premises, closely followed by burglary with 211. * Manufacturing premises are another favourite target for thieves and depending on the type of facilities, adequate protection can be complex. Items vulnerable to theft include tools, materials, finished products as well as intellectual property such as designs, patents and databases. Tools and products are an attraction due to their simple monetisation after being stolen (quickly and easily sold online).
*Number of crimes per 1,000 manufacturing premises in England and Wales 2017,, May 2018


Dog patrols are a proven, cost effective solution used for decades by prudent companies to enhance the physical security of their premises and manufacturing facilities. Guard Dog Security’s highly trained dog and handler units have vast experience in detecting vulnerabilities, deterring and stopping perpetrators. Importantly for our clients, they provide greater prevention capabilities and cost effectiveness than standard security officers.

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