Renewable energy

The rise of renewable energy has been an ongoing trend for almost two decades and almost 30% of UK energy is now from renewable resources. Solar farms generated an impressive 27.1% of renewable energy in 2018. *  Unfortunately, theft of solar farm equipment is also on the rise. Savvy thieves take advantage of technology such as Google Earth to pinpoint their targets and plan their heists.

With adequate technological knowhow they can easily steal solar panels whether they are ground or rooftop mounted. Commercial and residential properties in remote areas are particularly vulnerable, although no area is completely safe.


Guard Dog Security deploys highly visible vans and uniformed guards together with expertly trained dogs to prevent any security breaches. Our vans and uniforms have bright and fluorescent designs, similar to those of the police and are a strong deterrent to would be perpetrators. We patrol the perimeter of renewable energy sites consistently and ensure any potential threats or suspicious activities are promptly dealt with. Contact us on 02086371406 or by email on to discuss how you can reduce the risk of theft on your solar farm and avoid costly security incidents. 

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