Vandalism at Irvine Youth Football Club: How to Stop Vandalism with Guard Dogs


Just days ago, a youth football club, Irvine Vics 2004s, was left devasted after an act of vandalism causing a trail of destruction to their facilities in Burnside Park. It was reported in Irvine Times that on the 13th of September, the container’ s windows and doors were smashed by vandals who used a branch of a tree to open the container. The container was full of raw materials and wood to help the club to improve their facilities. The goals posts used for training were also snapped.

The vandals also had a drinking session there, and suspected drug packets were found in the facility. Unfortunately, the damage comes just after the club was allowed to reopen due to the Coronavirus outbreak. It is estimated that the damage cost is worth hundreds of pounds.

Sadly, these kinds of reports are very frequent but there are steps that can be taken to ensure the safeguarding of your commercial or residential property. Guard dogs security services are by far the most effective sources of protection.

Guard dogs security services are by far the most effective sources of protection.

Obedient and highly responsive, security dogs are trained to react well to commands. They use their superior sensory detection skills to quickly recognise threat. Security dogs use their innate observation methods and remarkable bespoke training to serve as a highly efficient, hugely effective and specialist security solution, whatever your circumstances.

From static security to K9 patrolling you will get the reassurance you need to know your property, belongings or employees are in safe hands and shielded from a potential threat. High-level services such as these provide us with the tools to help stop vandalism, theft and break-ins.

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