The Safest Places to Live in London


Feeling safe is high on everyone’s priority list, when it comes to choosing a home. If you are looking to relocate to the capital, or are moving from one part to another, we have all the latest information on the safest places to live in London, in 2021. 

10:  Redbridge: 21,276 crimes – 69 per 1000

Known as the original ‘leafy suburb’, as much as a quarter of Redbridge is covered by forest and public green spaces. But don’t let the greenery fool you, the area is still close to the action of the city, being only a 20 minute train ride away. The borough is also full of improving schools and expanding businesses. 

9: Barnet: 25,160 crimes – 63.44 per 1000

Quieter than most of London’s boroughs, Barnet boasts excellent transport links, a huge amount of parks, and some of the best performing schools the city has to offer. Annual rates of violent crime are frequently recorded as well below the national average.

8: Bromley: 20,304 crimes – 60.72 per 1000

Bromley is the largest, and most rural, of the Greater London boroughs. Bromley offers a cool cafe culture and arts scene, and low crime rates. 

7: Havering: 15,448 crimes – 59.6 per 1000

Havering is the 5th most affordable borough in London, it offers peace, tranquility, and a great range of schools. It is one of the largest boroughs, but half of it is situated in the Green Belt, which is a plus for long term safety levels.

6: Merton: 12,547 crimes – 59.56 per 1000

The home of Wimbledon, Merton combines culture, heritage, and an undoubtable cosmopolitan buzz. Despite the annual influx of tourists and tennis lovers, Merton maintains a safe and welcoming atmosphere for residents. 

5: Sutton: 12,100 crimes – 58.38 per 1000

Sutton is a walker’s paradise, offering gorgeous rolling hills and unforgettable views. Sutton is notable for its community feel, the borough regularly pulls 90%+ figures for happiness, satisfaction, and feeling safe. 

4: Kingston upon Thames: 10,507 crimes – 58.16 per 1000

We often find that the safest boroughs are those within close proximity to lakes and the River Thames. The river runs through Kingston upon Thames for three miles, perhaps a signifier of the safeness of this borough. 

3: Bexley: 14,389 crimes – 57.7 per 1000

Bexley has benefitted massively from urban regeneration. The area is overflowing with parks, cycle routes and a beautiful lake. Bexley’s charm lies in its ‘country living’ vibe, it also has a solid reputation for safety. 

2: Harrow: 14,578 crimes – 57.22 per 1000

Harrow is located in the northwest of the capital, it is home to one of the country’s most prestigious schools. Harrow has a quiet, clam appeal, blessed with winning architecture, open spaces, and outstanding schools.

1: Richmond upon ThamesL: 11,336 crimes – 56.68 per 1000

Still number one for London’s lowest crime rate, the leafy suburb of Richmond upon Thames. This isn’t surprising, it feels more like a welcoming village than a London borough. This area offers beautiful riverside cafes, shops, pubs and 100 parks.

No matter how safe your area is, you can always make use of home security to make sure your home is as safe as possible. If you want to know more about home security, get in touch with our staff.