Guard Dog Unit: Immediate Security Breach Solutions

Our guard dog units provide around the clock security solutions to protect you and your assets from any form of security breach.

Guard dogs are one of the strongest deterrents of criminal activity. They have heightened senses of smell and hearing that allow them to track down perpetrators. These senses paired with their enhanced agility and speed make them the perfect security solution to stop intruders

At Guard Dog Security your safety is our number one priority. Most people will look to enforce CCTV to provide security to their business, but just how secure is this on it’s own?


    Guard Dogs Business Protection

    Why Have A Guard Dog Unit

    • Guard dogs offer the scare factor that CCTV can’t deliver. Instead of having the footage of your site being robbed, we stop the burglary happening in the first place.
    • Security dogs have a greater sense of smell and hearing than a human, which makes them the perfect tool to combat security breaches.
    • Dog units are a strong visual deterrent for perpetrators and enhance standard security measures to ensure your premise is unbreachable.
    • A guard dog unit is 5 times more effective at preventing a security breach than a static guard.

    Immediate security on your site

    Our standard Guard Dog Security Units provide you with an ex police or ex military Dog Handler, a Highly Trained Dog and a Security Marked Vehicle that are stationed on site and offer a 12 hour overnight service or a 24/7 service for you to choose from.

    Call us now on 0208 637 1406 to arrange for immediate security on your site. We can be with you within 3 hours.

    Guard Dog Security Units provide you with an ex police or ex military

    Guard Dog Security is dedicated to prevent physical breaches and ensure continuous, undisturbed use of your premises, data centres and server farms. We deploy Dog Patrol Units, consisting of highly experienced security officers and imposing guard dogs, to protect the most valuable assets in your business. They act as a strong deterrent for potential perpetrators and enhance standard security measures such as CCTV recording, static guards and biometric access, making the premises unbreachable.

    Please feel free to contact for any queries and feedback and one of our team member will get in touch shortly.