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The 7 Best Guard Dogs to Protect Your Home and Family
There are so many reasons you might want a guard dog, you could have had a break in and be keen to add some extra security to your home, you may want one for personal protection or just to know when someone is at the door or in the garden. Guard dogs have developed a […]
What is Street Patrol Security?
Safety and Security Tips for Hotels | Guard Dog Security
Every guest wants something different from a hotel, some are just looking for a place to sleep after a long day of travelling, others are looking for a bit of luxury to escape the real world for a bit. However, one thing that most, if not all guests, want, is to feel safe in the […]
How Can Guard Dog Security Help Your Industry?
Guard dogs are known for their protection services, they have heightened senses in comparison to humans and they are able to detect intruders or criminal activity earlier than human guards alone. On top of this they also offer an excellent deterrent, prevention is better than cure and so guard dogs offer a great way to […]
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